Okay, so I’m feeling pretty horrible – sluggish, greasy, just all around depressed – so I’m starting this cleanse a week early.  I just got back from the store, where I purchased six bags of carrots and a bag of oranges. The oranges are for added sweetness, but I’m only using that blend in the morning.

During the next seven a half days (today being the half) I will be updating daily on what I’m going through physically and mentally, since any weight loss plan depends on both mood and activity.

IMG_20140226_153201 (1)

My haul.


How I feel in picture form. I’m smiling, but I don’t feel like I am.  It’s okay to laugh 🙂


7 thoughts on “2/26/2014

  1. Just be glad you don’t have diabetes and exercise induced hypos to deal with. I want to lose about 15 kg, but if I over do it with the insulin or the exercise just a tiny bit suddenly I need to ruin two days of exercise with a glass of orange juice – like this morning. I had one piece of marmite toast and a poached egg and a glass of orange juice. Usually I skip the orange juice as one glass is equal to three oranges worth of sugar (even with the pure orange juice, no sugar added juices), but I was low (just above a true hypo) this morning and I didn’t want to make it worse by not eating enough for the amount of exercise and insulin I would be having. I had the least amount of breakfast insulin I’ve had in years, and still half way through the lesson I had to shovel an emergency mini Mars Bar in while on the chair lift. There goes most of the morning’s exercise – except for the fun I had I might as well have stayed on the couch. Then when I get back for lunch, after another couple of runs I’m hypo AGAIN and I’m so hungry and desperate for food that it’s a real struggle not to pile my plate with a double serving of leftover risotto and suck it down like a vacuum cleaner. I did have the risotto (depending on how bad the hypo is and my current situation, I need to have sugar and then carbs or just carbs – if I’m home near the fridge/pantry I usually just have the carbs, but if I’m out doing something I have something full of sugar and then carbs as well, because otherwise I run the risk of the hypo getting worse before the carbs have time to kick in), just not a huge helping of it, and I managed to skip the orange juice or another Mars Bar, but it was a close thing.

    Good luck this year. I’m looking forward to reading about your progress.

  2. Ah, sigh….If only I was a jackass, then carrots would be a treat and not ‘health food’. Good luck! And I see you already have color-coordinating down with your food. 🙂

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