Is this still a thing? Yes, it is. Kinda. Who cares? I do. Truth is, you guys stopped coming by so I stopped posting. Still, I trudged along without you. So here’s an update for the tried and true followers.

340lbs as of today. Surprise! Suck it, fat cells! I’m down 50 pounds since I started.

How did I do it? I’ll tell you… eventually. I want to make it to my desired goal of 290 before I post everything I’ve been doing. The list is long and ever-growing as I tweak and revise, drop and add techniques. If anyone ever tells you one thing worked for them, they’re probably full of more than the usual stuffing.

Who knows when I’ll be back over this way. If I don’t see you before February (the month I plan to hit 290lbs), assume there’s nothing worth mentioning.

Love yo faces!



2 thoughts on “11/8/13

  1. Good for you! I knew you lost weight just by looking at your Facebook picture. Keep up the good work. Loosing weight is hard to do, but so worth it at the end. You can do this!

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