Day One of my juice fast (I started two days earlier because my juicer arrived yesterday) and I end the day with a massive headache. This was expected, as once again, I am detoxing. Wonderful. Anywho, I am now an official convert. The plan I’m on consists of a revolving three day juice plan. Upon day four, I start back at day one, and so on. This breaks up the monotony. Each day I will be having five different juices. I have yet to find a combination I haven’t liked. The foam at the top is a little off-putting, but I remedied that with a straw.

I will update my weight tomorrow. Probably in the morning, but I won’t be posting until after my last juice of the day. Weighing yourself at night is never a good idea.

Also, when juicing beets, wear red… or juice naked. Your choice.

That’s all for today.

Juice Plan


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